I have worked as a photojournalist and producer in environmental and adventure TV programmes, all over the world. From Japan to the USA, Pakistan to Brazil. For clients such as the Sunday Times Magazine, Guardian, The Independent, BBC, Discovery Channel and other British and international publications and channels.

Amazon Tribes

Suddenly our plane dipped between the trees and landed on a strip of mud. As we scrambled out, we were greeted by Indians so picturesque that they might have stepped off a Hollywood set. read more


These images are selected from a series of photos taken during the BBC series Amazon with Bruce Parry read more

Japanese Female Wrestlers

Kicking, screaming, scratching, bellowing out karaoke-Japan’s women wrestlers fight dirty and they will do anything to be famous. read more

Funk Rio

“Rio de Janeiro is known as the city of samba and carnival, but to most of its young population for the past decade it has been the city of funk. read more


For the past 20 years I have worked with various charities in the UK and abroad to bring light to their campaigns and projects.  read more

Tear Sheets

This is a selection of tear sheets from reportage to charity campaigns  read more