The Wedding Dress- Vestígios de noiva

In a time when youth is glorified and valued as an indispensable asset, to get old is increasingly hard.

In this project I invite women that married a few decades ago to be photographed with their original wedding dresses. Circumstances might have changed but somehow the dress was kept.

A garment that made its wearer feel special and still carries memories. A bride that might have carried with her love, dreams and hope of an endless future…

A dress that is used once but often kept for many years. A piece of cloth that yellows, resists changes, separations, time….

A unique piece that as soon as it is worn again makes its owner come back in time, dance, play and at times cry remembering that youth is still there, somewhere under the skin of reality. For a few hours this dress, whatever colour or design, makes its model once more the centre of attention, brings moments of intimacy and memories, dreams and visions.

Fitted entirely, buttoned up or just hugged it makes itself present, with its smell and texture. Afterwards it goes back to its box of memories and it is once again put in the bottom of the wardrobe. Who knows till when.

The wedding dress has been chosen as a symbol of a time that has passed and as an instrument to revisit the past, uncovering memories and the beauty still so present. Even if that zip never quite zips up entirely again.

Please contact me if you would like to be photographed with your dress.

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