In Malaysia, I continued my recurrent theme of Postcards. Relating to the IPRN Fellowship theme: Work. Postcards are generally associated with the concept of leisure and so I decided to invite people to have time “Off Work”

In Kuala Lumpur I walked every day creating little journeys on my map. I looked for people who were working. A waiter, gardeners, executives, flower vendors, builders… I then literally invited them to have some “time off”. Sometimes this meant negotiations with a boss, most times lots of gestures and laughter. Somehow we always managed to have a little pause from whatever they were doing. A drink, a cigarette, always photos. Sometimes it happened on the actual place of work but doing something never done before, other times we went somewhere they had not been. After a photo, a little testimony on the back of the made postcards. Their work, feelings, aspirations, dreams….