Birth Marks- Marcas de Nascença- A register of transformations and marks of motherhood, in the body and in the soul. 

This photographic project reveals and explores the relationship of mothers and pregnant women with their bodies but also with the emotional changes brought by motherhood.

It is a highly collaborative project where the women participants are invited for sessions of photos and choose how they want to be seen. The participants are also asked to write a testimony in first person. The text can contain reflections about the relationship with their body itself before and after a child or children are born, the memories of the childbirth, the visible and invisible transformations that have occurred in the body and soul in the life of these women.

Through the photos and voices of the women participants  we discover how they feel and wear their “mother’s skin” forever.

This is a body positive project. Valuing anybody, whatever size and form, colour or aspect. Bodies that have imprinted on them the marks of having one day grown, carried, given birth and fed another being. Bodies that show scars and stretch marks. Bodies that are beautiful as they are.

Although the project Birth Marks does not deal specifically with the occurrence of “obstetric violence”, this is a project that started in Brazil, a country where at least one in four women report to have suffered some type of verbal, emotional or physical violence at the moment of childbirth. This project also therefore gives voice to these women.

Birth marks is an ongoing project. For more information please get in touch
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