Through socially engaged projects, photography has always allowed me to interact with people and, through that, make meaning of my own story.

The resulting still images are a consequence of my encounters with my collaboratos, a brief record of an invitation to create together, to transform and play, cry and laugh. There is space for silence and reflection too. Some of my personal projects are about the individual in public spaces while others explore the private and intimate space of an individual.

Performance, role playing, writing, dance, mirrors, objects, garments are some of the “tools” chosen by collaborators to frame and make meaning. Focusing on simple but universal ideas that can mean a lot to people, the work hopes to touch notions of identity, belonging, memory, and dreams—hopes to delve into what it is to be an individual of our times.

Photography stills are one aspect of the meaningful interactions I have with my collaborators in our participatory projects. 

The resulting work tends to be presented in the medium of photography but I recurrently invite somatic exploration, performance and group dynamic techniques to our workshops. I am also really inspired by Brazilian Augusto Boal and his theatrical methods. I seek to not let people be simply seaters but active participants of collaborative creations. 



And Now My Children Know

A series of images, created with my children, of Amazonian indigenous peoples and their forest home. Made with fire, gold, blood, earth and leaves. An attempt to touch on the grief felt for our planet and find hope in the process. read more

Dear Ana

"Dear Ana is about my journey back to my grandmother’s motherland, Portugal. I went for her, who could never return in life. It's also a socially engaged collaborative project with the people I encountered.  read more

Birth Marks

Birth Marks- Marcas de Nascença- A register of transformations and marks of motherhood, in the body and in the soul.  read more

A Dance for All Seasons

A Dance for All Seasons was an ambitious and magical immersive performance event which took place at London’s Rich Mix in Autumn 2019. read more

Brazilian Street Girls

Shop windows are their mirrors. Photographs are rare, and proofs of identity are virtually non-existent.  read more

Painted Portraits

As a child growing up in Brazil I used to spend the summer holidays with my paternal grandmother.  read more

The Wedding Dress

In a time when youth is glorified and valued as an indispensable asset, to get old is increasingly hard. read more

Real Postcards-Series-London

Growing up in South America, foreign places were imagined through postcards.  read more

Real Postcards-Series-Kuala-Lumpur

In Malaysia, I continued my recurrent theme of Postcards. Relating to the IPRN Fellowship theme: Work.  read more

Real Postcards-Series-Brasilia

During an “acampamento” of indigenous people from all over Brazil on the “esplanade of ministries” in Brazil’s capital read more

Other Socially Engaged Projects with All Change Arts

As an associate artist of charity All Change Arts I am involved in the creation of participatory engaged art projects with diverse groups. read more

Press from projects

This is a selection of published press from personal projects read more


A selection of books that have included my work from personal projects to reportage read more

Tear sheets

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