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Brazilian Street Girls - Invisible Lives

Brazil is full of paradoxes. How can it be that one of the largest economies and biggest food producers in the world leaves so many starving?

When I decided to photograph the plight of street kids, my aim was to avoid the extremes, to get away from the stereotypes and try to show different sides of their story.

The girls immediately caught my eye. They seemed so confused, sometimes unaware, other times so conscious of their predicament. Having to dress in boyish clothes to hide themselves from potential molesters, they are modest yet proud of their flowering bodies.

I lent them clothes, a mirrors and the opportunity to play.

I couldn’t guess the joyful role-playing that would result from our sessions. I look at this photos now and wonder if that joy has vanished again, whether it has been hidden or banished. But I think that the memory of it will last; if this helps the women cope with the daily hardships they endure I do not know. I hope it does.

Extract from the introduction by Leticia Valverdes